Your New Door

Installed in a Day

(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)

Your New Door

Installed in a Day

(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)


Fast and Easy Quote Process


Residential & commercial doors


One call remodeling & repairs

I was pleased with the entire process.

"Drew was prompt and professional with all responses to my many questions as I determined what I wanted to do. Rich was very polite, fast, and thorough when he removed our old door and installed the new one. Eric was also wonderful as he helped me with additional requests. I would work with them again and recommend them to my family and friends."

- Jared Madden

Granby, CT

Choose from a variety of interior and exterior doors

Variety of doors to choose from

We offer wood, vinyl, solid wood, vinyl composite, fiberglass, and steel doors. Most installations can be done in a day, assuming we don’t find damage to the surrounding structure.

Carpenter measuring door

The process is easy. We come to you, measure your door. We'll bring you a catalog and discuss your budget and the style of door you want. Then we'll put together a quote.

Our installations process

Checking for damage

Once we remove your old door, we inspect the surrounding structure for rot. If we see damage, we stop and call you to get authorization to fix the problem; then we fix it.

With your authorization, we will repair the damage and proceed to your new door installation.

The installation of your new door will be better than the original installation because we reflash all of our door installs. Many contractors don't want to spend time or money on this step.

Your new door is only as good as the installation

Doors tend to leak and rot over time because most replacement doors are installed directly onto the wood. We don't do that. We use a flashing system to ensure a watertight seal that protects the door and your home.

We also use what's called soft packing window and door foam.
This foam seals voids and makes your installation airtight to prevent drafts. Firefighters love this because it also provides some fireproofing protection.

Our first meeting

We’ll bring you a catalog of options to choose from to fit any budget and style. Our expert door installers are committed to providing you with a professional, friendly, and reliable installation.

Get your door and lockset installed in a day!

All options are on the table

  • Digital locking options
  • Screen door installation
  • French doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Completely custom doors and more

Door locks and handles

We also provide digital locksets, dead-bolt locks, door handles, and doorbells.

Want a Ring video doorbell installed? No problem, we install them all the time. 

Once you know what you want, we can schedule the entire installation to be completed in a day. We will make sure that your door latch and lock work perfectly.

Quality door installation services in a day.