(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)



(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)


Fast and easy quote process.


IICRC certified for insurance claims.


One call for all remodeling & repairs.

IICRC Licensed Mold Remediation

We will identify the source, stop the spread, remove the damage and restore your home.

Do you have mold or suspect mold you can’t see?

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  • Mold inspections
  • Mold testing (air quality)
  • Insurance claims
  • Remediation & repair
  • Basement mold
  • Mold in air vents
  • Toxic black mold
  • Mold behind walls

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All you need is Spaces LLC to get rid of the mold and repair the damage.

I cannot say enough ...

"We hired Spaces LLC because of water damage that was seeping into our den causing severe drywall damage to the walls. The baseboard heaters had rusted out, and the rug had mold! … I cannot say enough about the work completed by Spaces LLC."

- Carolyn Ferrari

West Hartford, CT

Have an insurance claim?

We provide thorough mold inspections and mold testing to identify the type of mold you’re dealing with and the cause. We create detailed reports notifying both you and your insurance adjuster about the level of damage and scope of work.

Once the work is authorized, we remove the damage and repair your home to new condition: one company, one point of contact, a seamless experience.

How it works

Spaces LLC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the entire remediation and restoration process. By interfacing with your adjuster directly, we can help you avoid an ongoing battle with your insurance company.

If you’ve noticed mold in your home, you must take care of it before it spreads and causes issues with your health. Many mold companies will provide testing and reporting, but they don’t repair the damage. This is where Spaces, LLC is different.

Insurance claims

Once you’ve verified that you are covered by insurance, you'll provide us with a claim number. We will come to your home and contain the mold to stop the spread, then remove the mold spores altogether.

We provide air quality testing to identify the mold your house is infested with and pinpoint the root cause.


  • Odor removal
  • Mold removal
  • Mold inspection
  • Restoration services
  • Insurance claims


Once we’ve removed the mold infestation, we carry out repairs to anything severely damaged to make your home look brand new.

We work with your adjuster throughout the process by giving detailed reports and keeping you updated on your claim.

We'll remove the mold before it spreads and restore your home to new condition.