(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)



(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)


Mold Problems


Water Damage


Fire & Smoke

Stopping the problem, repairing the damage, and helping you get the most from your insurance claim.

When your home is impacted by flooding, mold, fire, or wind, it’s stressful. You need to protect the rest of your home, get your belongings to safety, and repair the damage.

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  • Flooded basements
  • Damaged, leaking roofs
  • House fires
  • Storm damage
  • Leaking sinks, disposals, washers
  • Sewage problems
  • Groundwater
  • AC problems

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Take the pressure off, get all of the remediation and restoration you need under one roof.

They facilitated communication with the insurance agency

“A roof leakage caused significant damage to the drywall, carpet staining, and a nasty odor is a CRAMPED condo unit, I thought resolving this would take days… They estimated that the project would take 5 days, but the crew got everything repaired and clean in 2. They facilitated communication with the insurance agency to ensure that the proper remedies were covered, and the performance was top notch. I look forward to doing business with them again!”

- Pat Brosnan

Granby, CT

Have an insurance claim?

Spaces LLC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the entire remediation and restoration process. By interfacing with your adjuster directly, we can help you avoid an ongoing battle with your insurance company.

We’ll deal with your insurance adjuster and the repairs while keeping apprised of all communications so you will always be kept informed.

How it works

Once we’ve verified your damage is covered by insurance, our IICRC certified team of specialists will assess the root cause of the damage, rectify it and remove what cannot be salvaged. Our team of qualified tradespeople will then repair and restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

IICRC Licensed Technicians for insurance claims.

Our IICRC licensed technicians can test for mold, stop its spread, and remove the infestation. We then carry out repairs to any structures damaged by it and protect your home from its return.

We can send out a team right away to remove the water from your home. Then we use special equipment to thoroughly dry out the premises before restoring it to pre-loss condition.

Not only do we remove the charred debris and odor from your home and rebuild compromised structures, but we also clean and catalog your belongings for your insurance claim.

Get help quickly from our IICRC licensed team of remediation and restoration technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do if we find damage that wasn't visible to the naked eye?

The damage would be documented, reported, and emailed to your adjuster with a cost associated with the repair. Your adjuster would approve or deny the repair based on the findings reported from Spaces LLC.

Do you work with the insurance adjuster directly?

Yes, we will interface with your insurance company, keeping you apprised of all communications

Does homeowner’s insurance cover remediation services?

Most remediation services that we provide are covered by insurance.