Laser-Cut Kitchen Countertops

& Installation

(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)

Laser-Cut Kitchen Countertops

& Installation

(Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas)


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"The crew is professional and very talented... I love my new kitchen and would recommend these guys if you are looking to complete a project!"

- Stacey Haines

Manchester, CT

From complete kitchen design to countertop installation

New countertops will make your kitchen look great, and food prep can be even more enjoyable when your kitchen layout is designed by a professional that takes the time to truly understand your needs.

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Your new countertops are going to make you love being in your kitchen in new ways that might not be apparent to you right now.

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Your least expensive option. Granite comes in countless colors and patterns. It’s a natural stone with excellent durability and resistance to chipping and heat. It holds up well against the occasional hot pan placed on the surface.


Slightly pricier than granite. Natural soapstone’s dark tone gives it a modern appeal. Soapstone is very durable. It’s heat resistant, so the occasional hot pan on the bare surface isn’t a problem. It’s resistant to chipping and staining.

As with many of the natural stone counters, maintenance is required. Though Soapstone does not need to be sealed because it is not porous like Granite and Marble, it does need to be oiled to maintain its luster. 


Not to be confused with the popular engineered "Quartz" countertops that are all the rage now. Quartzite is a completely natural stone, whereas "Quartz" countertops are made from ground Quartzite particles suspended in a manufactured resin.

As with most natural stone countertops, sealing maintenance is recommended to protect the surface from staining and bacteria absorption. Most Quartzite counters come in white and grey with some pinkish tones. 

Quartzite is a tough stone that is more durable than Granite and holds up well to heat. Quartzite and Quartz pricing is similar.  

Need kitchen cabinets to go with your countertops? You can calculate your quote online now.


As stated above and contrary to what you would assume, "Quartz" countertops are not made from all-natural stone as the name implies. This engineered product is composed of ground natural quartzite particles and polymer resins.

Compared to granite, quartz is a sleek, more expensive option that emulates marble, with many patterns and colors to choose from. It's very popular right now.

Hot pans directly placed on this surface will damage the finish. Quartz chips and stains easily, but Soft Scrub Cleanser can quickly clean common stains like wine and tomato sauce. Quartz does not require any sealing maintenance, whereas most natural stone counters do. 


Marble is the Cadillac of luxury stone countertops. It’s more expensive than quartz or granite and very durable. Marble is impervious to heat, so hot pans are a non-issue, but chipping and staining can be. DIY sealants can be purchased to reduce staining. Soft Scrub Cleanser is also an effective way to remove stains quickly.

Get your countertops laser-cut and quickly installed by our expert team.

Send us a photo of your kitchen. We can then provide you with an estimate. If you’re happy with our estimate, we’ll come for an on-site consultation and give you a final proposal. You can visit our showroom and touch and feel a slab of stone you’ll love. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can source it for you.


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“We were very pleased with the work. It was completed quickly.  We remodeled our kitchen and installed waterproof wood flooring. I will be using Spaces again”

Robert Stoll

Harford, CT


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